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We are a small in-home cattery located in Washington state!  We are TICA registered and proud members of the Savannah Cat Association. We strive to produce beautiful, loving cats, that showcase the unique features of their ancestor, the African Serval. 

Our cats are raised in our home and are part of our family. They are health tested and free from genetic disorders and illnesses. Kittens come well socialized, vet checked with age-appropriate vaccinations, spay/neutered, microchipped, and come with a health guarantee! 


We will hand deliver or use an approved pet nanny within the United States.

"What greater gift than the love of a cat."                        - Charles Dickens



I'm a compassionate animal lover who grew up in central Wisconsin. I had friends who lived on farms, and we had Labrador Retrievers, as my father is an avid hunter. I had hamsters, rabbits, birds, fish, turtles, and I even caught a chipmunk one day. After years of begging, I got my own kitten when I was 12. I named her Tilly; her mom was a barn cat my aunt had. Tilly was an indoor cat and lived a long life of almost 21 years! I moved away for college and joined the military, so she stayed with my parents. I was 32 when she passed away gracefully of old age.


I recently retired from the Army after serving 24 years. I spent so much of my life traveling the world and moving every few years, I am finally able to revert back to my true passion, my love for cats. I discovered Savannahs in 2006, I knew when time was right, I would have one in my own.  In 2020, I purchased my first Savannah from Savannah Seattle, F2 Princess Kalani. I could never find the words to describe how blessed I felt to welcome her into my life! Prior to her being born, I had gotten to know her breeders well, and my love for these cats grew. I soon had a vision, why not be the one to give families this same opportunity, to experience the love and joy these cats can bring into their lives? I reached out to other breeders and began learning about breeding, genetics, and what to look for in kittens so I could build my foundation of my cattery. I went from one to four cats in a few months and haven't looked back! Please enjoy this journey with me as I step into my next calling in life! What better way to transition from a high stress and demanding career to a more relaxed atmosphere, with my beautiful Savannahs! 



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