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Kittens Available!!!

Our cats and kittens are raised in our home and are part of our family! For the most up to date pictures and availability please check our Facebook page or simply call or email us and we would be happy to update you!

Please be aware of local guidelines regarding ownership of a Savannah cat! Although these are 100% domestic cats, some cities, counties and states have restrictions in place allowing only certain generations and some prohibit them completely. 

F5 SBT Kitten's
Date of Birth: 1 October 2023
Dam: Exotikitza F4 SBT Mazu
Sire: SavvyPaws F7 SBT King O'So 


F3 Kitten's
Date of Birth: 03/10/2023
Dam: Servalhill F2 Amara
Sire: SavvyPaws F7 King O'So


SBT Kitten's
Date of Birth: 9 April 2023
Dam: SavvyPaws F7 Khamai
Sire: SavvyPaws F7 King O'so 

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