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Our Cats

Kalani 8.jpg

F2 Princess Kalani


Breeder:  Savannah Seattle, Bothel, Washington

Dam:  F1 Almasi Elsa

Sire:  F7 Drinkwater Teo


Princess Kalani is our very first Savannah cat and is the inspiration behind Be My Savannah! Her breeders Ella and Roman gave us the inspiration and knowledge to begin our breeding program. Kalani is tall, long, lean, and has ears for days. She has gorgeous spots and a longer golden coat that most represents the African Serval. Unfortunately, Kalani has been spay. Breeding was just not meant to be for her.  She will remain our wonderful pet!


F2 Amara

Breeder:  ServalHill, Homestead, Florida

Dam:  Drinkwater Akila

Sire:  Iwannasavannah Aram


Amara is our energetic one, full of spunk! She is a cool BST (black (brown) spotted tabby), her large bold spots are hard to miss, and a solid black nose to match! This girl is a runner, jumper and climber, she keeps us on our toes for sure! 


F4 SBT Elle Belle


Breeder:  Wesa Savannah, Pahrump, Nevada

Dam:  Seasidehills Jacky 

Sire:  Seasidehills Jamin Jamie


Elle is our second Savannah! Her breeder "KC" has been breeding for over 15 years and is a well-known, respected breeder to all who know her. Elle is our most sweet and loving Savannah. She has the signature wide nose, boomerang eyes and nice ears, that represent a true SBT (stud book tradition) Savannah cat!


F4 SBT Mazu


Breeder:  Exotikitza Savannah's, Caribbean 

Dam:  AkilaSavannah Leya 

Sire:  RockyMtnExotics King Kobe


Mazu meaning "Goddess of the Sea", as she came from across the waters of the Caribbean! We could not ask for a better kitten to join our home! From her long legs, clear coat, buttery gold color, the list goes on! 

F5 SBT Jinx


Breeder:  Clawson Savannah's, Nevada 

Dam:   Crkitties Magda

Sire:  Sweetsavannah's Ghost


Jinx came to us from Devan at Clawson Savannah's. Just when we thought we had all of the girls we wanted, this little girl showed up! We couldn't resist her smudged blacked nose and small spotted coat! Just the diversity we needed to complete our foundation! Her sweet and loving personality was an added bonus!


F7 SBT King O'So

Breeder:  SavvyPaws, Ontario Canada

Dam:  SavvyPaws Lathliss

Sire:  SavvyPaws Kratos The Superb


We knew SavvyPaws owner Christine, would have the perfect stud to make our cattery complete and he was totally worth the wait. He brings wonderful lineage to complement our girls! Christine has been a wonderful mentor and continues to educate us on genetics and how important they are when choosing our cats! Isn't he just "Oh So Handsome"?!

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